Meet The USW Library Team - Jose

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The library service is so much more than books on shelves, we have a dedicated team to help you with your every learning need and to point you in the right direction for assignments, extra reading and research whether that be online learning and digital resources, one to ones with your librarian or if you have a query via Chat. Introducing you to the team behind your library service...

1.      What is your name and job title?

José López Blanco, Faculty Librarian 



2.      Where did you work before this?

Bournemouth University


3.      What are your favourite aspects of the job?


Learning about different subjects

Interacting with academics and other members of staff

Helping students


4.      Can you recommend a book, journal, resource from the collection?

I am recommending two because I am greedy:

 No better place to start collating primary data than NewsVault, our collection of newspaper archives, ranging all the way from the 17th century. 

 Sage Research Methods is a fundamental tool for all your research methodology needs 

5.      If you didn’t work in the library what would be your dream job?



6.      What was the first library book you remember reading for pleasure?

A collection of short stories by Gloria Fuertes, a Spanish author of children’s literature, which I borrowed as a child from my local public library in Salamanca, my hometown. I vividly remember holding my library card and the excitement of borrowing my own book without asking for permission. That was freedom!


7.      What do you like reading now?

I like reading late 19th-century and early 20th-century playwrights and short-story writers: Henrik Ibsen, Eugene O’Neill, Kate Chopin and Katherine Mansfield are amongst my favourite authors. I really like the way they portray the profound changes that were happening in society and individuals around that time.

 Katherine Mansfield.jpg

8.      What is your favourite film?

Tokyo Story, a beautiful Japanese film about an elderly couple who visit their grown-up children in Tokyo and come to realise that there is no room for them in their busy children’s lives. I really like the fact that emotions are portrayed in a subtle way, without big dramas.

 Tokyo Story.jpg

9.      How do you like to spend your spare time?

Reading (what a cliché)



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