World Poetry Day

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Sunday 21 March is World Poetry Day. Poetry has been practiced by humans throughout history as a way to share feelings, culture and experience. 

World Poetry Day also aims to promote endangered languages. To inspire you we are sharing a verse from the famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. 

The Song of the Mischievous Dog (by Dylan Thomas)

There are many who say that a dog has its day,
And a cat  has a number of lives;
There are others who think that a lobster is pink,
And that bees never work in their hives.
There are fewer, of course, who insist that a horse
Has a horn and two humps on its head,
And a fellow who jests that a mare can build nests
Is as rare as a donkey that's red.
Yet in spite of all this, I have moments of bliss,
For I cherish a passion for bones,
And though doubtful of biscuit, I'm willing to risk it,
And I love to chase rabbits and stones.
But my greatest delight is to take a good bite
At a calf that is plump and delicious;
And if I indulge in a bite at a bulge,
Let's hope you won't think me too vicious.

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