RSS Feeds

Have you ever noticed one of these on a website, or in your browser and wondered what it meant?

RSS Feed symbols

If there are websites, or blogs, or journals that you visit regularly then RSS feeds will save you time and effort. They pick up any new content on a webpage and they tell you about it. So if there is a new news story, a new blog post, a new article published they bring it to you.

Setting up your RSS feeds is a two-step process:

Step 1. Find somewhere to put your feeds

There are several options available to you. Some internet browsers allow you to save feeds to your favourites or bookmarks for easy in-browser access. Some email providers (e.g Microsoft Outlook) have a folder specifically for RSS feeds, you can view these when your email is open.

Alternatively, you can set up an account with an independent feed aggregator like Feedreader or RSSowl that you can log into from anywhere with internet access.

Step 2.Set up your feeds

If the web page that you want has an RSS feed you will see one of those symbols somewhere on the page, some browsers also scan each page for RSS feeds and you will see the symbol in the address bar. Click the symbol to start the process.

This Video Clip from Common Craft provides an excellent explanation of the benefits of using RSS feeds.