Library Funding and Budgeting

Your Faculty Librarian manages two funds for the purchase of material to support teaching and learning in your Faculty.

One is an allocation for books and audio-visual material and the other is a subscriptions fund which covers periodicals and electronic databases. As fund-holders, Faculty Librarians have some flexibility in allocating and spending their funds.

Normally, each year a contingency fund is made available for the purchase of material to support new modules and courses. The usual practice is for your Faculty Librarian to contact you in April or May to confirm details of new courses so that a bid for ‘one-off’ purchases can be made.

From time to time the Library receives money that has been earmarked for the support of research being carried out in the University. When such money is available Faculty Librarians will again consult with appropriate staff with the purpose of putting together a bid to purchase research material.

The Collection Management Policy provides full details.