Support for Courses

Please keep your Faculty Librarian informed during the various stages of planning your course curriculum so that the best possible library provision can be made to support the courses.

New Courses

Normally the Library has available a contingency fund which is primarily used to support new courses or ones that have been considerably rewritten. You will find more details about this fund under the section on Funding and Budgeting

Similarly, it will help Faculty Librarians to make the necessary adjustments to the provision of library resources for modules or courses if you inform them when modules or courses are withdrawn from the teaching prospectus.

Validation Events and Professional Accreditation

To help you prepare for a new scheme validation, revalidation or professional accreditation visit your Faculty Librarian who can provide documentation on the Library and its services as well as information specific to the particular course or Faculty (including financial information). Contact your Faculty Librarian in good time so that up-to-date information can be prepared.

Your Faculty Librarian can also be present at the validation event to respond to issues about learning resources if required. As part of an accreditation visit, your Faculty Librarian can provide a brief tour and presentation of learning resources.

Please liaise well in advance of the visit so that this can be arranged.

Adding Resources to the library

• What’s the procedure for ordering books for the library?

• Can I suggest new journal titles?

• Can I send you lists?

• How many copies of a book can I order?

• Do you have a Short Loan Collection?

The answers to these questions and more are contained in the Collection Management Policy.